Spanish III

Growing in Language Participation

Grading Policy

Grade Minimums:

Students enrolled in classes in upper level Spanish 3 and 4 courses will not have a minimum amount of grades per marking period.  While students will be given ample opportunity to demonstrate mastery of content, it is difficult to set a minimum number of grades because Spanish 3 and 4 require processing of material from levels 1 and 2, plus new material.  I will move at a pace that suits the needs of my students.  I am mindful of grade reporting periods, but I will not compromise the learning process in order to record grades that are not a true reflection of student ability.

Spanish Dept Grading Policy 2016-2017

Grading Schedule:

Each teacher in the Spanish Department at WOHS will follow the grading schedule listed below:

  • Daily Assignments: graded and entered into Skyward within 5 days of the due date
  • Tests/Projects:  graded and entered into Skyward no later than 7 days after due date

(Students who turn in work after an absence or who turn in late work may have a delay of 2 additional days)

Late Work:

Teachers in the Spanish Department will follow the campus Late Work Policy. The policy states:

  • Late work received one day after the due date will receive a grade no higher than 70.
  • Late work received two days after the due date will receive a grade no higher than 50.
  • Late work received 3 days or more after due date will receive no credit.

Retesting Policy:

Students may have the opportunity to retake a test (not a project or nine weeks test) for full credit at the instructor’s discretion.  The retest cannot hurt the student.  In other words, no grade lower than the original will be entered into Skyward. Before the instructor will deem it acceptable to retake a test, the student must meet the following requirements:

  • The retest must take place within 5 days of the original assessment
  • Students must attend at least one tutorial session with the teacher, or complete at least 2 remedial assignments covering the content and submit these assignments to the teacher to be checked. Students will not receive a grade for these remedial assignments.
  • If a student chooses the remedial option, the assignments must show 80% mastery.
  • All missed homework assignments must be completed and turned in. (No retake will be allowed if the student is missing an assignment for any of the content on the assessment)
  • Students must communicate their desire to retest and schedule the retest in advance. No retests will be given during normal class time. Retesting must be done during enrichment or after school. A student may not take a retest without a scheduled appointment.
  • A retest grade that is higher than the original test grade will earn replacement in Skyward in place of the original assessment only. A nine weeks test may be given at the teacher’s discretion. If a nine weeks test is given, it may replace the lowest test grade in the Skyward.  A nine weeks test may not replace a project grade. Again, it is not mandatory for an instructor to give a nine weeks test.

Absences from Class:

Absences from class should be kept to a minimum. All absences are not equal in a world language classroom. At times, students are receiving instruction that world language teacher call input. This means the student is learning new content or practicing skills that build on each other. If you students misses an input day, there is really no way to make this up. However, sometimes an absence cannot be avoided. Make up work will be handled as follows:

  • Absence for illness and extra-curricular activities will be considered equivalent
  • One day absent(for any reason) will have one day to make up the work
  • Absence for two day will have 2 days to make up the work
  • Absences of three days or more will require a teacher/student conference to schedule make up work due dates

Students missing for extra-curricular activities are required to pick their work up in advance of missing class. It is NOT my responsibility to find your student to hand out work. It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to come to my room and pick up work that will be missed.


Class Structure:

Daily Assignments—40%


Class participation is vital to helping students be successful on assignments and tests.

Students will complete all assignments.  Taking a zero in my class is unacceptable; therefore, students will be required to stay after school or given detention or Saturday school if needed to complete work.

Students will be given ample opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of each skill set. It is important to note that all students do not learn at the same pace. My teaching philosophy is to tutor or reteach material in order to help students master that content. My goal is to help students see progress throughout the year with reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

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