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ClassExpectations by hugghinss

A Word About Google Classroom and Remind

Google Classroom will be the home of our daily agenda, notes, assignments, formative assessments, and extra practice for quizzes/tests. Students who are out for extra-curricular activities and illness should check their Google Classroom class before returning to school. Google Classroom is available to parents at any time. You can simply ask your child to pull up the class on his/her Chromebook or phone.  If you would like to see what resources are available to your child, or what he/she is doing in class, the GC class would be of value to you.   You may choose to subscribe to the blog, but please understand that you as a parent will get more out of what you see on Google Classroom.

Our REMIND class is available to parents and students.  I will encourage students to enroll in the class so they can receive reminders about quizzes, tests, projects, resources, and makeup work.  You are welcome to enroll in the class, but it is optional.  The REMIND class is for communication with your child about academics. This is not a social media hangout. I do not have parent conferences or student conferences via REMIND. Your child will not receive extra credit if you enroll.  If you would prefer not to receive the reminder messages that your child has signed up for, you can opt out. Please understand that I cannot force your child to enroll in my REMIND class. It is your child’s responsibility to enroll.

Always encourage your child to look for makeup work and extra resources on Google Classroom. The extra practice and warm-up activities are great resources for test prep.

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