Spanish III

Growing in Language Participation


Week 3: Sept 3rd thru Sept 6th 2019

Can Do Statement: I can discuss what I need to do, what I should do, what I want to do and what I am going to do in the target language. I can use the Super Seven Verbs in context.

Monday: School Holiday

Tuesday: Warm-Up 1-1; Persona Especial with Super 7 Verbs

Wednesday: Warm-Up 1-2; Continue Personal Especial; Música Miércoles

Thursday: Warm-Up 1-3, Personal Especial

Friday: Repaso

Materials: Notes, Spiral, Binders, Pencil, Chromebooks, Google Classroom

Evaluation: Formative each day



Week 2: Aug 26th thru Aug 30th 2019

Can Do Statement: I can discuss what I need to do, should do, want to do, am going to do on the weekend.

Monday: Test Verbs 2019

Tuesday: Picture Talk to practice the 4 infinitives of weekend chat

Wednesday: Música Miércoles–intro 2 new songs; students vote

Thursday: Review of 4 infinitives of weekend chat

Friday: Weekend chat

Materials: notes, vocab, binders

Evaluation: Daily formative

TEKS: A3, B2, B3


Week 1: August 19th thru August 23rd 2019

Can Do Statement: 

Monday:  Weekend Chat; Verb Practice

Tuesday:  FVR; Picture Talk, Written Retell of Picture Talk; Verb Practice

Wednesday:  Música Miércoles; Cierto o Falso activity; Verb Practice

Thursday:  Juego Jueves on verbs for Test 2

Friday: Test 2

Materials: Chromebooks; Notes; Vocab

Evaluation: Test 2 on Friday

TEKS: B3, C3


August 15th thru August 16th 2019

Can Do Statement: I can identify verbs from summer vocab list and use them in the target language.

Thursday:  Procedures; Put notebooks together; Tech Subscriptions; Verb Review on summer vocab list

Friday: Prodedures; Tech Subscriptions; Verb Test 1; Study for test 2

Materials: Vocab and Chromebooks

Evaluation:  Test 1 on Friday

TEKS:  A3, B3



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