Spanish III

Growing in Language Participation


Supplies for 2018-2019 School Year

Supply List:

1 Binder

Notebook Paper(Loose Leaf Paper Please)

1 Pkg Dividers


Grading Pen(any color you would like)





Week of Sept 24th thru Sept 28th 2018

Puedos: I can use preterite tense verbs in context to talk about what I did during the weekend.

Monday-Friday: Students will take notes and do activities involving preterite tense in Spanish.  This is will a review from Spanish 2 to build up skills until they can master the endings.  The end goal is to be able to talk about events in the past; we will work toward being able to talk about weekend activities as a starting point.

Materials: Google Classroom, Youtube, Notes, Paper, Pencil, Google Slides

Evaluation: Summative–Monday summative reading assessment for Tengo Tu Love Unit that ended last week;  Formative: Warm-Ups on Tuesday thru Friday over Preterite Tense

TEKS: 03.A.01, 03.A.02, 03.B.01


Week of Sept 17th thru Sept 21st 2018

Puedos: I can understand and discuss a song in the target language.  I can make some value judgements in the target language. I can agree or disagree with a statement in the target language.  I can express my opinion in the target language.

Monday thru Friday:

Use a variety of resources to discuss the song Tengo Tu Love.  Students will answer discussion questions, expression opinions, create a slideshow about people and things that are valuable in their lives, give a video answer expressing their opinion in relation to a prompt, practice using vale más, valen más, vale/valen menos

Materials: Google Classroom, Recap, Youtube, Chromebooks, Song Lyrics, Video for Tengo Tu Love

Evaluation:  Formative: questions on Google Classroom    Summative: Recap Video

TEKS: 03.A.01, 03.A.02, 03.B.01



Week of Sept 10th thru Sept 14th 2018

Puedos: I can understand a song in the target language, I can make comparisons in the target language

Monday:  Listen to Tengo Tu Love for review; Answer Pregunta 1 on Google Classroom; Discuss Flower Post on the class Instagram account; Brainstorm vocab to make comparison statements that are meaningful to students

Tuesday-Thursday: Tengo Tu Love Comparison Project


Friday: Reflect on Tengo Tu Love Comparison Project and Submit Response to RECAP Question Prompt

Materials:  Google Classroom, Quizlet, Tengo Tu Love video, Tengo Tu Love lyrics sheet, Instagram, Youtube, Recap App

Evaluation:  Formative: Warm-Up    Summative: Tengo Tu Love Comparison Project & RECAP Response

TEKS:  03.C.01.A, B, C, D, E, F


Week of Aug 27th thru Aug 31st 2018

Objectives:  In Spanish class, objectives are phrased as I Can Statements.  These statements not only explain what we are trying to accomplish in class, but they also serve as a checklist for students to continually self-assess as we cover content.  Students have a copy of the Puedos for each unit in their binders.

Activities:  Listen to the song with and without lyrics sheet; class discussion on phrases from the song; class discussion on important comparisons in the song; Post listening sheet; Embedded readings of the song; Lyric Training practice identifying words and phrases from the song; Comparison warm-ups

Materials: Computers, notes sheets, Google Classroom, Google Forms, Youtube, Lyrics Training

Assessments: Formative–warm-ups, Lyrics Training

TEKS: 03.A.01, 03.B.01, 02, 03.C.01,02


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